A unique work of visual poetry, Goddess Speaks: Realization of the Self  by artist Priya Lin, is an iconographic exploration of the mystical process that nurtures the author’s artistic genesis. This self-portrait explores Priya’s spiritual pilgrimage as an artist and the act of creating as a form of self- birth. Drawing on inspiration from the psychic muses that inspire and infuse her creativity, Priya utilizes powerfully nuanced photographs to complement and illustrate her evocative poetry and merges the two art forms to express the intrinsic nature of the elements that inspire her work. Guided by Hawaiian myth and legend, she invokes seven chakras as sources of inspiration and guidance, including The Goddess, Arriving, Surrender, Listening, Innocence, Serenity, and Self. These concepts are explored through her starkly potent visual and written imagery, which pays homage to the diverse influences in her life, including German poet Rainier Maria Rilke and Madame Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes.

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